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The One-OF-A-Kind

Life-Transforming Sacred Journey


Travel with genuine Indigenous Quechua Shamans/Guides, Q'ueros and Aymaraians


A rare and exceptional opportunity to walk once again
as one of the Children of the Sun Returning

Can you hear us calling?
Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca & the Sacred Sites are Calling You!

Listen to your heart, it whispers....

Will you answer?



Choice of traveling 10 or 14 Exceptionally Special Days!

We warmly invite you to join us on our 2014 Sacred Journey to THE MAGICAL, MYSTICAL ANDES. Since the dawn of time, travelers have been drawn to Peru; whether they came in search of adventure or spiritual fulfillment, they experienced a common phenomenon.

Peru changed their lives forever.

Go through Metamorphosis in the most powerful, sacred sites of Peru with Wisdom Keepers, Q'ueros, Shamans, Indigenous People, and other exceptional people.




This is NOT an ordinary tour,

this IS a pivotal, personal, profound and Sacred Spiritual Journey to some of South America's most impressive destinations! Wait until you see the Itinerary!!
Some people come to see Machu Picchu, the remarkable stonework, or to hike the Inka Trail. Others come for a deeper purpose: to transform some area of their life and to evolve spiritually.
When the ancient builders erected temples in Sacred Sites, they created much more than outstanding stonework. The buildings are harmonic structures designed by master craftsmen to guide subtle forces into a defined space whose ultimate purpose is to induce a higher state of consciousness in the pilgrim. These Temples are alive, they are living, breathing entities.
Since the dawn of time, Spiritual Sojourners have been drawn to the Andes in search of higher levels of consciousness and spiritual evolution. When they were in the NOW and fully participated they all experienced a common phenomenon: Peru and Lake Titicaca enhanced their lives forever.

Tap into the Sacred Codes of Light that are entering our planet now through the portals of the most powerful Sacred Sites in Peru and Bolivia.
Bask in the Energies with Wisdom Keepers, Q'ueros, Shamans, Aymaraians, Indigenous People and Carlos who share their passion for their ancient traditions and culture as you visit hidden sites, designed during those ancient times to align you with Divine Consciousness.



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"The most beautiful & profound emotion we can experience
is the sensation of the mystical

It is the sower of all true science." ~ Albert Einstein

Q'ueros, Quechua Shamans, Aymaraians, Peru, Lake Titicaca

and their Sacred Sites.

What an auspicious experience !

The 10-Day Ultimate Sacred Journey July 19 - 28, 2014
o Sacred Valley o Moray o Machu Picchu o Cusco o Quenko
o Saqsaywaman
o Amaru Machay o Sacred Service
- bringing joy to the children of Pashar, Rumira and
T'astayoc o plus Exceptional Surprises...
The 14-Day Ultimate Sacred Journey July 19 - Aug. 2, 2014
ALL of the above experiences plus:
o Wiraquocha Raqchi o Tinajani o Alien Museum o Amaramamuro
o Puno o Lake Titicaca o Uros Islands
o Sillustany o plus Exceptional Surprises...

"In the universe, there is an immeasurable, indescribable
force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything
that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link."
- Carlos Castaneda

Introduction to your Sacred Odyssey

Delight in off-the-beaten-track places where 'tourists' don't go.
Walk in the footsteps of the most advanced ancient civilization. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Sacred Valley and the awe-inspiring majesty of Machu Picchu. Witness the unexplainable wonders of Tinajani as well as the breathtaking beauty and vastness of Lake Titicaca. Experience the emissions of AramaMuru and the power and spiritual enchantment of hidden ruins/ temples
Once again, the world has begun to recognize the Andes as the greatest cultural & spiritual center on the planet.

Both the Dalai Lama & a Tibetan Abbey announced that the "Spiritual Center" of the planet has shifted from Lhasa, Tibet, in the Himalayas & the East to Sacred Sites in the Andes. The Himalayas are the masculine energy & Peru the feminine.
New dimensions of awareness are opening to us. Awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Now is the time when ancient
and hidden knowledge is to be known only to those who are ready with ears to hear and eyes to see.

Breathe in the Sacred Wisdom of the Ages. Stretch beyond books and seminars. Walk in the footsteps of the most advanced ancient civilization. Immerse yourself in their revered science and rituals. Transform! Metamorphose!
I know you are ready!

Luxuriate in the magnetic fields around Saqsaywaman and Quenko. Meditate and absorb ancient wisdom in temples thousands of years old. Walk ancient Pyramids.Revel in the energy of the Shamans and their Sacred Knowledge.Immerse yourself the Energies of the Star People in AmaramaMuru.

You will experience the magnificence of your own Being, as you once again walk in the "Land of the Sun Gods"


Grow spiritually! Evolve!


Embody your Magnificence!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to enhance your total well being through the Wisdom of the Ages while anchoring in the New Paradigm. Join us on this extraordinary Transformational Journey of Sacred Service and expedited Spiritual Growth.
Guarantee ~ Your life
will never be the same!


Don't just visit. EXPERIENCE!



End off the
10-Day Sacred Journey

Continuing on for the 14-Day Sacred Journey

lake titicaca

We have been waiting for you!

Day 1- Sat. July 19th ~ Lima, the coastal Capital of Peru

Your transformational Journey begins as you prepare to venture forth, geared up to experience perhaps the most transformative journey of your life. We will pick you up at the Lima airport and escort you to our delightful little Hotel in Miraflores. Overnight in Lima.

Day 2 - Sun. July 20th ~ Lima - Cuzco - Moray - Sacred Valley

Celebrating with spirits high, we tap into the powerful energies of the Andes! Morning: 1-hr flight soaring over the breathtaking snow-capped mountains to Cuzco, ancient capital of the Inca Empire and present day SpiritualMecca. A delectable lunch offers us choices of traditional Peruvian dishes. Afternoon: Private coach (with our superb teddy-bear driver Raoul) through breathtaking scenery to our lovely hotel in the Sacred Valley. Time to rest and adapt to the altitude. Drinking mate de cocoa (tea made from coca leaves) helps this process and is offered in the reception area of our hotel. Evening: Welcoming'Willka Nina Fire Ceremony with a Shaman.

Day 3 - Mon. July 21st ~ Sacred Valley - Moray

Metamorphosis! Attuning body-mind-spirit in the electromagnetic energy of Earth's Navel, the secluded power site of Moray where 'circles within circles go deep in the ground'. Feel yourself vibrate in her morphogenetic energy. Moray is amazing and has to be experienced!Then participate in a Ceremony for Pachamama (Mother Earth) Afternoon: optional walk through the ancient mine salt.

Day 4 - Tues. July 22 ~ Sacred Valley - Pisaq

Today, we will have a picturesque bus ride through the Sacred Valley to visit Pisaq. Set high above a valley floor, and surrounded by patchwork-patterned fields and extensive terracing, the stonework and panoramas at Pisaq's Inca citadel are magnificent. Terraces, aqueducts and steps have been cut from solid rock in the upper sector of the ruins.

Lunch in town and afternoon shopping at the famous festive, Pisaq Market, a shopper's and non-shopper's delight.
Knowing you will experience a Magical, Mystical & Transformative Journey, one that will enhance your life & warm your heart forever

Every child and adult on this earth has an overwhelming desire to be loved, to be wanted, and to be appreciated. To the extent that we can fulfill this desire...will we find happiness our selves.

AYNI ~ Give from the heart and gain a happy heart and unconditional Love in return. Enchanting visits to communities to be of service and help in some way where ever it is needed.

Day 5 - Wed. July 23rd ~ Sacred Valley - Pashar - T'astayoc - Rumira - Ollantaytambo

Sacred Service

Take a delightful trip back in time and visit these high Andean mountain communities. Morning visit to a local market to buy groceries for Paskay's food-lines. Paskay's Projects help, educate and nurture hungry, underprivileged children every day; some of whom walk 2-4 hours each way in all kinds of weather. Amidst peels of laughter and squeals of delight we will hand out shoes, school supplies and toys. Guaranteed to touch your heart deeply and bring tears of joy to your eyes. The children will honor you in their own genuinely loving way. Thank you Angels!!!

Afternoon: Visit the sacred site of Ollantaytambo. The Sanctuary of the Wind. Nestled at the foot of an ancient Inca site, this small town with a population of 2,000+ is the most beautiful town in the Sacred Valley. Ollantaytambo is made of enormous, stepped terraces constructed of unbelievably huge stones. Look for the face of Wiraquocha carved in the mountain. Fly like a condor during an Initiation!

"Journey back in time to a place that has left its imprint and impact on humanity forever... the ancient metaphysical civilization that predates Egypt! There's no other experience in the world like MachuPicchu"

Day 6 - Thur. July 24th ~ Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - The Crystal City

Picturesque early morning train-ride alongside the Urubamba River, through Rain Forests, deep into the mountains and into the heart of the Aguas Caliente. Experience Machu Picchu, the Lost City of Light and High Initiates, one of the strongest energetic vortices on the planet. Keepers of Ancient Wisdom will guide us with spiritual insights through the astounding labyrinth of ancient temples and initiation sites. Rituals to enhance your connection with your Divine Self - a transpersonal, transformational journey within.

Day 7 - Fri. July 25th ~ MachuPicchu all day!

7 is a mystical number therefore Day 7 is dedicated to introspection and contemplation on the "mysteries that lie unrevealed". Immerse in this intense transform- ational vortex as the energies of the Ancient Initiates and Nuestras(The Chosen Ones) permeate you. Optional: Hike to Waynapicchu or the Sun Gate.

Day 8 - Sat. July 26th ~ MachuPicchu - Cusco

Private coach to Cusco and an exceptionally delightful lunch. The remaining part of the afternoon on your own to rest, process, get a massage, journal or explore Cusco to your heart's desire. Cusco is a "living museum". Visit he revered megalithic Sun Temple of Coricancha, one of the most sacred sites for the Incas, and the main Temple where the High Priests and Ñuestras (Princesses) performed their highest sacred ceremonies.

Cusco was built in the shape of a Puma. In Quechua, the language of the people of the Andes, Cusco means "Navel of the Universe." You will be able to feel energy of the ley lines that converge in Cusco. The Quechua people, the present-day ancestors of the Incas, bring charm, humility and beauty to Cusco.


Quote from a Shaman:
"When You are in contact with your Inner Self... When you revere Wiraquocha, the Creator of All That Is, Pacha Mama/ Mother Earth. When you revere your Soul, the Sacred Cycle of Life & Death, the Ancestral Beings & the whole Cosmic Race, this is when Magical, Sacred Journeys arrive that speak a Spiritual Language, that only the
Soul will recognize."


Day 9 - Sun. July 27th ~ Full Day! Cusco - Quenko - Saqsaywaman - Amaru Machay

This will be another amazing day for you. We will visit three different sacred sites in the Cusco area. Temple of Kundalini claimed to be part of Lemuria. The many vibrant vortexes are some of the most powerful for the Initiate. Legends tell of rites and ceremonies performed by the Inca priests and priestesses to enliven and move the kundalini up from the base of the spine, through the various chakras to the top of the head in order to reach spiritual enlightenment. Amaru Machay: The Temple of Rebirth and connection with Mother Earth. Exercises in caves and on thrones carved out of stone to open your heart chakra, raise your compassion and open you to Higher Levels of Wisdom.

In Andean cosmology, the serpent is a powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth. The snake sheds its skin each year and is reborn.
You can actually feel transformations taking place in you. We have a special surprise for you here!

Day 10 - Mon. July 28th ~ Cusco - Lima - Home

Warm 'until we meet again' hugs. Morning flight from Cusco to Lima, rest at the hotel or explore Milflores for a couple of hours. You will be escorted to Lima Airport for your flight home.
While on the plane take a moment to be thankful for the Sacred Land and her heart-centered people, your new like-minded friends, and the healings that have occurred in body, mind and soul. You leave with your heart more opened and senses more attuned to the other dimensions that have shown themselves to you. Knowing that the connections you have made will live in your heart forever.

End of the 10-Day Sacred Journey
Mon. July 29th ~ arrive Home

Pause.... feel the loving and nurturing arms of Pacha Mama as she enfolds you once again and whispers softly to you... "Nuka Sunquipy Causanqui"... you will always have a place in my heart! And ours too!

"The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.
It is the sower of all true science." Albert Einstein

Day 10 - Mon. July 28th ~ Cusco - Wiraquocha - Raqchi - Puno

After an early breakfast we depart by private coach to the City of Puno on the shores of the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. We travel from Cusco to the land of the Aymara people. On the way, we stop in Raqchi, to experience a spectacular Inca Sanctuary built by the Inca Pachacutec, and dedicated to the great Inca God of Wiraquocha.
Legend says that in the New Millennium there will be a gathering here of an even number of male and female Enlightened Ones, and that out of that number will come the two new rulers of the reborn Inca Empire - one from the North (The Eagle) and one from the South (The Condor). Their mission will be to spread peace love and compassion to all people on Mother Earth. Then we will travel along the High Plateau of Collao where we can see herds of vicuñas and llamas and spectacular views. Buffet lunch in a quiet countryside restaurant and enjoy the delightful culinary art of the region. Then on to Puno to settle into our LakeTiticaca lakefront hotel. Sleep absorbing her significantly beneficial energies

The magnificent, much-venerated Lake Titicaca, with he spectacular sunrises and sunsets, is in fact the largest vortex portal in South America, and performs a unique role. Said to be in unique synchronicity with the Sedona Vortex,
however spinning in the opposite direction. This shining example of counter balance effect puts the two in an exceptional synergetic interchange, and holds a direct communication portal/ gate that Mayan and Hopi Elders have referred to as the 'Gateway of the Condor and Eagle'.

Day 11 - Tues. July 29th ~ Puno - Uros Islands - Lake Titicaca

Boat ride to Uros Island. The Uros Indians live on floating islands made of reeds in the same amazing way their ancestors did. Their lives are interwoven with these reeds, which are partially edible and are also used to make their homes, their boats and the crafts they currently churn out for tourists.The friendly people will show you how they live in small reed huts, fish, garden, etc. Experience that unique feeling of walking on a reed mass floating on Lake Titicaca. Enjoy spectacular views!

Day 12 - Mon. July 30th ~ Puno - AramaMuro

The itinerary for today is influenced by the Creation Myth held by the Inca who believed that all life and the origins of their culture began at Lake Titicaca. I love this place! If we have chance I'll share an amazing story on how I was divinely propelled to this amazing place.
AmaraMuro, the inter-dimential doorway, Grand Portal of the Sun Gods is one of the most mysterious places I have experienced. It is surrounded by ancient rock formations shaped like creatures from ancient mythology, said to have been sculpted thousands of years ago when an ancient Mystery School was located here. A unique and authentic Ceremony will be performed by the lady Aymaraian Shaman under whom most of the genuine and most powerful Shamans studied. A very rare opportunity! UFOs are often sited here.
According to legend this is where the Great Golden Solar Disc of AmaraMuro, was hidden having been brought to Peru from Lemuria prior to its sinking. Our Lady Shaman will do ceremony to request permission so that we can pass through the Portal to other Dimensions to meet our Ancestors and/or connect with the Great Central Sun. Feel the energy reverberating off of it!
Hummmm! Recently, a large temple was discovered submerged in the Lake, adding to its mystery and fascination.

Day 13 - Tues. Aug. 1st ~ Puno - Sillustany

Today we'll take time to explore the ancient burial sites that pre-dated the Inca's. The place is fascinating and the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. It is a best-kept secret! It is uncrowded and you can enjoy the incredible energy of the place without being trampled by masses of tourists. The basket burials of the semi-nomadic pastoralists were called "chulpas" and actually referred to stone towers as "uta Amaya" "Houses of the Soul". However, the term "chullpa" remains used today for the towers.The insides the of some of towers the tombs were built to hold entire groups of people, most likely extended families of the Aymara elite. Most mummy bundles indicate burial in a fetal position, said to be in preparation for the next life. Farewell dinner and floor show! Overnight at the shore of Lake Titikaka

Day 14 - Wed. Aug. 2nd ~ Juliaca - Lima - Home

Flight from Juliaca to Lima. Afternoon to rest and or explore the quaint museums, there is even a Chocolate Museum! Evening: Warm 'until we meet again' hugs. You will be escorted to Lima Airport for your flight home.
With hearts more opened and senses more attuned to the other dimensions that have opened themselves to you, you leave, knowing that the connections you have made will warm your heart forever.

Day 15 - Thur. Aug. 3rd ~ Arrive Home

While on the plane take a moment to be thankful for the Sacred Land and her heart-centered people, your new like-minded friends, and the healings that have occurred in your body, mind and soul.

Pause.... feel the loving and nurturing arms of Pacha Mama as she enfolds you once again and whispers softly to you... "Nuka Sunquipy Causanqui"... you will always have a place in my heart!

For your convenience and enjoyment once in Peru and Lake Titicaca

all the following are included in the price:

* Welcome and transfer service to our private bus with an exceptional driver each day,
(as per itinerary)
* Air tickets: Lima to Cusco and from Juliaca, Puno to Lima
* Cozy, clean, comfortable, double-occupancy Hotel Rooms with private bathrooms
* All room taxes + Cusco airport taxes
* Authentic Indigenous Shamans, Q'ueros or Aymaraians will be with you every day
* Itinerary tours include all entrance fees, with English speaking Shamans, Tour Guides, and wonderfully heart-centered Indigenous people
* All Initiations + Ceremonies / Rituals
* Delicious healthy meals - full breakfasts + lunches, plus one dinner + great floorshow
* Purified bottled water provided on the bus each day.
* Details for an effective program to oxygenate the blood and greatly reduce chances of ...being affected by high altitude & tourista
Travel 10 Exceptional Days July 19th - 28th, 2014 $3400.00USD
(arrive home on the 29th) (double occupancy)

Travel 14 Exceptional Days July 19 - Aug. 2, 2014 $4000.00USD
(arrive home on the 3rd) (double occupancy)

This investment in yourself includes ALL of the above,

plus in all probability the most magical, spiritual and life-enriching

journey you'll ever take.

Not included in the Package:
* International Flights to and from Lima, Peru are not included in the package. In this way you can fly the most direct and affordable way from your home city to/from Lima or use your points
* Travel Insurance - recommended but not included.
* Personal tips to Guides, Shamans, Drivers,
* Most evening meals * All beverages with meals.

Travel off the beaten track to experience Sacred Sites and revel in them!

Experience a Peru that most of the tourists don't know about.

Accommodations: To make the most of your adventure, you'll be glad to know that you will always have a clean, comfortable, double-occupancy room with a private bathroom, to sleep at the end of an exciting and enlightening day. We take great care to choose locally owned and family operated hotels that are brimming with charm and character. The special and remote nature of some of the places we visit means that some of the accommodations will be very luxurious and some more rustic; all are very comfortable and very clean. Our accommodations capture the essence of the local area and form an important part of your experience.

At Condors and Eagles we strive to provide our travelers with a multidimensional experience. We know it's not just where you travel,

but how you travel that makes all the difference.

Our Keepers of Ancient Wisdom, Q'ueros, Aymaraians, Shamans and Guides:

All are genuine, knowledgeable, organized, motivating, safety conscious, and of course fun to travel with. We work with expert Guides and Shamans,Q'ueros, A, local to all the areas in which we travel. They hold the keys to unlocking the hidden delights in each destination. Although you may never know when they are at work behind the scenes, they are at work - the mark of a truly great guide and Shaman. They make magic happen! From introductions to the areas, to absorbing profound and ancient wisdom, to experiencing the powerful energies in each Sacred Site, to exploring a bustling Peruvian communities or hidden initiatory sites with you, our guides, Keepers of Ancient Wisdom, Shaman, Q'ueros andAymaraians add a dimension to your trip that you could not experience on your own.

The destinations of our "Path of the Initiate ~ Sacred Journey" are locations and energy vortexes chosen by the Ancients as Sacred Sites for their temples, Initiations, and connection higher Realms. Like acupuncture points on the meridians of the human body, these sites are often located where two or more powerful streams of magnetic Earth Energy meet or cross.

Travel in comfort, off the beaten track to experience Sacred Sites

and revel in them!

Experience a Peru that 98% of the tourists don't even know about.

This an incredible gift and life enhancing experience
that y
ou are giving yourself.

"The measure of our life is not whether others know our name,

but whether we have touched the lives of others"

The Enlightened Humanitarian Society & Paskay

all-volunteer, NGO, nonprofit organizations

Lighting the Way Coming from the Heart Paying it Forward

Continuing to break the chains of poverty and illiteracy

Sacred Journeys22 has and continues to make a difference in the lives of the local people. Hundreds of thousands of tourists pass through their communities every year, regrettably very few of the indigenous people benefit at all from the tourism that they in a large part make possible. To learn more please go to www.enlightenedhumanitarians.org www.paskay.org and on www.healingnow.com click on Dr. Sharon's Children Of Peru. We hope to spark your imagination with a world of possibilities as you experience these inspiring ways in which Paskay and The Enlightened Humanitarians continue to make a big difference.

Testimony from Michelle who came on three of our Sacred Journeys.
I have just returned home from a sacred journey to Peru with Dr. Sharon Forrest. Our journey was the most powerfully life transforming adventure I have ever been on. My life will never be the same! A description of what I experienced while being initiated to the Children of the Sun is impossible to translate in any language. It was overwhelmingly powerful, beautiful and intense, to say the least!
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www.paskay.org www.enlightenedhumanitarians.org


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